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How to set up BTCV wallet? (Bitcoin Vault)


Create your own BTCV wallet to enjoy the full potential of Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). Instructions to create BTCV wallet on the computer in a simple way

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Step 1: Go to the official Bitcoin Vault website bitcoinvault.global

Step 2: Choose your operating system and download the wallet software.

Step 3

Once the download is finished, the installation starts automatically. First, you will be asked to choose a method of connecting with the server. Choose Auto-connect and click next.


Step 4

Give your wallet a unique name. It can be any name you choose. After choosing the name, click next.


Step 5

Select the type of wallet you want to create. For example, you can choose a Multi-signature wallet – which is designed for accounts managed by more than one person. It is a good
solution for business. If you are a beginner – you choose a Standard wallet. It will suit all your needs and enable you to receive and send BitcoinVault coins. Then click next.
set up BTCV wallet step 5

Step 6

Choose whether you want to create a new seed or to restore a wallet, using an existing seed. The seed is an individual sequence of usually 12 words in a parąticular order. If this is going to be your first wallet, create a new seed. Click on next.

set up BTCV wallet step 6

Step 7
Now, the installation wizard will ask you to choose the seed type. There are two types of addresses: Segwit and Legacy. It is related to the type of transaction you want to perform.
Choose “Legacy” and you can be sure it’s compa tible with all the available exchange services. Click next.

set up BTCV wallet step 7

Step 8

Now, the program generates your seed. Remember – these words are extremely important! The combination will allow you to recover your wallet in case of computer failure. The order is important, don’t lose it! Click next.

set up BTCV wallet step 8

Step 9

Now confirm your seed by retyping words in the correct order and click next. If you confirm it correctly, you will go to the next page.

set up BTCV wallet step 9

Step 10

Choose a password to secure your wallet keys on your computer. Use a combination of capital letters, numbers and special signs to make it as strong as possible. Please notice:
this is an extra security, not necessary to fulfill. Click next!

set up BTCV wallet step 10

Your wallet has been created! You can transfer your Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) to your wallet. Good luck!