How to buy Bitcoin Vault Mining Plans


This article will guide you through the detailed steps to buy a Bitcoin Vault mining package at Mining City. The purchase of the BTCV mining package, the sale will receive an additional 100 days of mining for the package that you will invest. Please take a look!

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Step 1: Determine the amount of BTCV needed to buy the BTCV plan:

To know the exact amount of BTCV you need to buy a mining plan you need to log into your mining City account and select the plan you need to buy.

how to buy Bitcoin Vault Mining Plan
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Agree to all terms to continue

buy bitcoin vault mining

The next screen will display the number of Bitcoin Vault that you need to use to pay for the mining plan.

Mining City Payment for Bitcoin Vault

Step 2: Buy BTCV on the cryptocurrency exchange

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You can currently buy Bitcoin Vault with BTC on one of the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

Creating an account on the cryptocurrency exchange interface is extremely simple. You can select the language on all exchanges to make BTCV purchases. Note that you should buy a little bit more value to pay to offset the transaction fee. If the number of BTCV needed is 2,069 then you should completely buy 2.1 BTCV.

Bitcoin Vault Exchanges


Step 3: Use the purchased BTCV to pay for the mining plan

After buying enough BTCV necessary for the plan you have chosen. You repeat step 1 to begin buying the official plan you want.

Transfer BTCV number from a cryptocurrency exchange to Mining City wallet address in Figure 1.3 (STEP 1)

Wait until the payment is completed (usually takes 30 to 60 minutes). So you have completed the purchase of the BTCV mining package.

Above is the fastest way to buy a mining package at Mining City with Bitcoin Vault. Contact MCT if you need assistance.


  1. I’m interested in joining the mining city and can we explain to me if they say $300 how is it calculated in SA