How to buy a Mining City plan


Buy Plans – what’s new?

From now on, users can choose the cryptocurrency they want to mine when they buy mining plans.

How to buy a plan on Mining City Dashboard?

  1. Go to the “Buy plans” tab.
  2. Click the “Buy now with” button.

3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to mine.

When a user buys a BTCV plan, the BTCV coin is selected by default. They can manually select a BTCV plan to mine BTC coins.

4. Click the “Confirm selection” button.

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions which appear in the pop-up, check all the boxes, and click “Ok”. By doing this, you accept the terms of service you’ve just read.
mining allocation
  1. Once the Terms and Conditions are accepted, a pop-up will appear. It includes information about the selected mining plan, the cryptocurrency that will be mined, and the owner of the plan. If the details are correct, click the “Ok” button to buy the plan.
mining city allocation

Please note:
For now, there are two cryptocurrencies available: BTCV and BTC. The two new cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi – are not yet available.
You will be able to change your mining allocation two days after the purchase if your other plans are not in the conversion or post-conversion period.

My Plans – what’s new?

For both Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin sections, there is a new dashboard that presents information about hash power for BTCV and BTC plans.

new my plan dashboard mining city

My Plans – New Dashboard Overview
The new dashboard consists of:

  1. Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin sections
    Users can switch between BTCV and BTC sections by clicking the respective tabs. After clicking the tab, the Mining Allocation dashboard appears.
  2. Total Hash Power Counter
    The Total Hashrate is a sum of all BTCV or BTC plans depending on the user’s purchase. When a user is in the BTCV tab, they will see the total hashrate of BTCV plans. When a user is in the BTC tab, they will see the total hashrate of BTC plans.
  1. Available cryptocurrencies
    Below the Total Hashpower, there are four different cryptocurrencies listed – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Under each logotype, there is a circle with an amount of TH/s that mines a specific coin.
    Please note: for now, users can allocate their total hash power to mine only one cryptocurrency, either Bitcoin Vault or Bitcoin. Two other cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision – are not yet available.
  2. Selection radio button
    The selection radio button enables users to choose a cryptocurrency that they want to allocate TH/s to. For instance, if users want to allocate all TH/s bought in BTCV plans to mine BTC, they need to click the radio button under the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.