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How does Mining City Binary Tree work?


In this article I will be the most intuitive example of Mining City Binary Tree Commission policy. Besides earning from Coin Mining, this will be a great passive income for those who know how to capture. If you’re ready then let’s get started!

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What is Mining City Binary Tree?

The Binary Tree is a 2–leg tree, where each position has a left and right position. Only your Referrer can position you into the Binary Tree after you purchase a Mining Plan. Once positioned in the Binary Tree, you cannot be moved, however, you will be able to add your Members into the Binary Tree into an open position below you on your left or right side.

An example segment of the Binary Tree Structure:

Mining City Binary Tree

The Binary Tree allows you to accumulate Binary Points. For each Mining Plan you receive Binary Points, as shown below:

Mining City Binary Tree Comission

When you are added to the Binary Tree, the Binary Points generated from your Mining Plans’ value are added to the tree. Additionally, if you later purchase a Mining Plan, then these Binary Points are also added to the tree. The Binary Points go to all members above you and are added to the left or right total, depending on which leg the Binary Points come from.

The total amount of Binary Points that can be accumulated in a 24–hour period is determined by your Rank. Once you reach the maximum daily amount of Binary Points according to your Rank on your weaker leg (the leg of the Binary Tree below you that has fewer Binary Points), no more Binary Points will be accumulated on either of your legs until the following day.

What are the benefits of Mining City binary trees?

This is a pretty good policy in team building for development. Why do I say that? Because each member has only 2 branches, downline members will benefit from the downline.

More specifically, the sooner you join, the higher you will be on the binary tree. And new members are forced to attach below your branch. This gives you a very high chance of getting lots of Circle from the team in your binary tree.

Your job is to balance the accumulated Binary points that your binary tree has to complete as many Circle as possible.

Limit the Cycle per day depend on your Rank

Depending on your Rank, you can receive up to how many Cycle a day. Below is a table of Maximum Cycle per Day according to Rank

Mining City Binary Team Cycle

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