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What is electric cash coin?


What is Electric Cash? Electric Cash is a payment protocol designed to be accessible and lightweight, with a focus on reducing transaction fees. Fast and free transactions on a secure and decentralized network make ELCASH ideal for everyday payments.

Electric Cash Official Website: https://electriccash.global

Electric Cash Explorer : https://explorer.electriccash.global/

Why Electric Cash?

1. Cash-like

Electric Cash is designed to be a cash-like cryptocurrency for everyday use with an
additional staking feature. The Electric Cash protocol is governed by its coin holders
who are eligible to manage the future development of the ecosystem.

All these aspects are integrated under one ecosystem, allowing Electric Cash to cover a wider variety of market and user needs.

Electric Cash coin

To incorporate incentives dedicated not only to miners but also to other network users,
Electric Cash block rewards are divided into three parts. The first and the biggest one goes to Proof-of-Work miners. Miners are crucial to ensure that the network functions properly and that it is safe. But miners are not the only stakeholders. People who use the network on a daily basis and expand the ELCASH ecosystem are essential for the project to grow.

2. Free transactions

In the ELCASH project, blockchain fees are charged in advance and later returned to
users if they were eligible for free transactions. Every user who stakes ELCASH is eligible.
The free transaction limit is calculated every day and depends on the user’s staking
parameters. After a transaction is made, the fee is returned to the user’s spending wallet.

3. Community influence

Electric Cash is changing that by establishing a Development Fund Treasury. It is taken from Proof-of-Work mining rewards and stored in such a “Treasury”. Additionally, the Electric Cash community members receive Governance Power. This allows the network to be fully decentralized where the decisions on future project developments and the use of funds from the Development Fund Treasury are driven by the project community. That network democracy is achieved thanks to the blockchain’s built-in voting mechanism.

Electric Cash Ecosystem

1. Staking

Staking is a form of storing funds. By staking, every user can actively contribute to the network growth in the long run and help prevent the oversupply problem that could affect the overall inflation issue over the years. This in turn increases the network stability.

The Electric Cash network participants can stake ELCASH to govern the network and earn rewards from the staked amount. Staking will also reward users with additional benefits like free transactions and Governance Power (GP). Every Electric Cash holder can stake any number of his coins.

Electric Cash Stacking

2. Governance

In order to achieve direct democracy, Electric Cash implements a governance system.
In the governance process, new changes can be proposed, designed, agreed upon and
implemented. Changes are not limited to the blockchain source code technical details,
but also may cover other important network and community issues. Thanks to the
blockchain’s built-in voting mechanism, users can vote on proposals made both by the
community members and/or the core management team of Electric Cash.

3. Merged mining

During the early stages of development, ELCASH will operate using a merged
mining process. It will allow ELCASH to leverage the hashing power of larger
SHA-256 (Bitcoin-like) based chains ensuring the overall security of the new network.

Figure 4. Structure of merged mined blocks in Electric Cash

Electric Cash Roadmap

Electric Cash roadmap

Electric Cash Exchanges

Users can view prices and get Electrich Cash Coin from the exchanges below:

In this article, we introduced Electric Cash (ELCASH). The project’s goal is to provide
a comprehensive ecosystem and solve several major problems in the cryptocurrency
ELCASH facilitates everyday payments. By implementing an additional Layer 2 to the
blockchain can perform fast transactions while still ensuring network security.

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Mining City Cryptocurrency Guide for Beginners

Cryptocurrency Guide 1: Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are internet-based coins that can be used to pay for goods and services online or at physical locations. Unlike real-world currencies – with many being divisible by hundred, as the dollar – Bitcoin and other currencies can even be divisible by a million. In the case of Bitcoin, each fraction is called a Satoshi.

How to use cryptocurrencies

How to send and receive coins?

You can send coins (or fractions of coins) directly to an encrypted wallet held by another user. For this, you both need a wallet – a free piece of software that keeps your coins safe. The easiest way to send coins is to scan a code generated by either side of the transaction. This can be used to both send and receive funds. Each transaction comes with a fee, which fluctuates over time.

bitcoin withdraw

Urgent payment fees

Since Bitcoin is a very popular coin used by hundreds of thousands of people, there are many transactions being performed every day. That’s why it can take up to several hours for a transaction to be processed. Users who want their transactions to be processed quicker can pay a higher fee to have their transaction bumped to the top of the queue.

If you plan to send a significant amount of funds over the Bitcoin network, it is good practice to first send a single Satoshi. This is the smallest fraction of Bitcoin and is worth around a HUNDREDTH of a US cent, or TEN THOUSANDTH of a dollar. By sending this amount you can validate that the wallet exists and is owned by that particular receiver. Since Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed, it’s is extremely wise to perform this step before sending large amounts. All standard fees apply

Cryptocurrencies Wallets

Cryptocurrency Guide 2: Wallets

Different types of wallets

There are different types of wallets. The most common are wallets kept online. To use all of their functions, you need a password. There are other types of wallets, such as offline versions printed on paper, and hardware wallets that look like USB thumb drives. The later versions are considered safer because they are kept offline.

What is a private key?

Anyone can send money to a particular wallet, but in order to take funds OUT of a wallet, you need a private key. This is an alphanumeric code that gives you access to your funds and allows you to spend your crypto. When accounts are hacked, this is usually what is taken. That is why it’s essential that private keys are kept in a safe location.

What is a public address?

Have you ever seen a QR code on a website with a request to donate to a particular creator? This is a public address code. It allows anyone around the world to send money to a particular wallet. It’s impossible to withdraw money from any account just by knowing the public address

How to back up a wallet?

In order to back up a wallet, users need to generate a 12 or 24 – word backup phrase which can be used to recover access to a wallet in the case the device holding the wallet is lost or destroyed.

How to store a cold wallet?

A cold wallet is a way to store your crypto in an offline environment. Keep your hardware wallets and paper wallets in a dry, safe and temperature-controlled space.

Two-factor authentication

The industry has largely adopted Google authenticator, a two-step verification software that makes it next to impossible for hackers to break into your system.

How to track transactions?

All Bitcoin transactions can be tracked on blockchain.com, by typing in the transaction hash number generated once the transaction is made. Click to see how to track mined Bitcoin Vault

List of trusted cryptocurrency wallets

Some of the most well known and trusted wallets in the industry are CoinBase and BitPay in terms of hot wallets, while Trezor and Ledger are two of the most popular cold wallets in the industry. It is recommended to do your own due diligence and make sure that you are using the most suitable digital wallet for your needs!

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Guide 3: Exchanges

What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a place where you can trade one cryptocurrency for another, or fiat currency for a cryptocurrency (and vice versa) or simply just purchase coins and add them to your wallet. You can do this with traditional credit cards or with our cryptocurrencies, or both, depending on the type of exchange. There are some exchanges that offer more coins than others, as well as more attractive layouts. Before choosing an exchange make some research about fees and spreads – the difference between the buying and selling price – because these can differ significantly between sites.

cryptocurrencies exchange

What to prepare for KYC/AML processes?

In order to set up an account with a reputable exchange, you will need to prove your identity. This makes the service safer overall. In order to do this, you will need to scan or show some kind of identity. Have at hand your driving license, government-issued identification card or passport. You might also be required to take a selfie or short video saying stating your identity together with the date. KYC stands for “know your client”, and AML stands for “anti-money laundering”.

Fees and rates of exchanges

Fees differ between exchanges and range anywhere between 0.05% and 6% per transaction. Always research the best option before committing to a transaction.

How to convert fiat to crypto

There are a number of exchanges that allow you to use your credit card to buy crypto. Some exchanges allow you to deposit money onto their account and then pay for crypto once you decide to buy. There are also P2P networks, and even crypto-ATM machines which you can use to do this.

convert fiat to crypto
convert fiat to crypto

List of trusted cryptocurrency exchanges

No two exchanges are created the same. Many exchanges are more convenient for beginners, while others enable features exclusively for professional traders. Coineal, Binance and Kraken are among some of the most popular and trusted exchanges in the world. It must be stated that it is very important to read Terms and Conditions, be aware of any fees and legalities, and your own conduct due diligence before using any cryptocurrency exchange.

How to track mined coins at the Mining City


Transaction Tracing is a way for users to track the origin of the crypto assets that
they withdraw from their Mining Balance. These assets are generated through the
mining process and come straight from the blockchain.

How to track mined coins

Mining Balance together with General Balance are a part of the feature called Wallet Split. This feature was designed to simplify the management of crypto assets within Mining City. The Mining Balance shows the amount of crypto assets generated in the Mining Process. Thanks to this new information, users can trace the path of the coins all the way back to when they were mined on the blockchain.

In this user guide, you will find all the information necessary to track the origin of the
crypto assets that you receive from your Mining Balance, with BTCV and https://explorer.bitcoinvault.global/ used as an example in the Transaction Tracing

Mining City Mining Wallet

The first step to learning how to track mined coins is to understand the path of the funds. Coins that come straight from the blockchain go to the official mining payout address called Mining City Mining Wallet Address: YhZ5F3s9GJZBg1URrLyyGH7YuLAScLFuqK

It can be accessed directly at the following address:

How to track mined coins at the Mining City

*Please note: Because of the number of transactions on this address, not all of them
can be displayed in the Bitcoin Vault Explorer

Mining City Mining Balance Wallet

What’s most important for the user is that all Mining Balance funds come from an official Mining City Mining Balance Wallet Address: RX7DVpjAaLZAhgwzKzEdqbxb3bAdrK6vDJ

It receives all newly mined coins from the Mining Wallet. These coins can be traced directly to the blockchain on which they were mined.

Mining city track mined coins

Now that the process of how funds are transferred is clear, let’s see an example in practice.

How to trace a transaction

Find your address in the Bitcoin Vault Explorer

Go to https://explorer.bitcoinvault.global/

  • Paste your wallet address into the search bar in the top right corner and hit “Enter”.
  • Remember that it must be the address that receives cryptocurrency directly from the Mining Balance.
  • Now you will see the list of all incoming and outgoing transactions on your wallet.
track mined coins

Find your Mining Withdrawal transactions

Look for the official Mining City Mining Balance Wallet Address on the list of
transactions performed on your wallet: RX7DVpjAaLZAhgwzKzEdqbxb3bAdrK6vDJ

Every incoming transaction from this address holds the crypto assets from the blockchain. Details of those transactions include Mining Balance Wallet Address, the external wallet to which the transaction was made (in this case your wallet), the amount of BTCV that has been transferred, and the date and time of the transaction.

Click on the Mining Balance Wallet Address to see more information about it

withdraw btc mining city

Browse transactions on the Mining Balance Wallet

Mining City tops-up the Mining Balance Wallet Address with freshly mined coins on a regular basis. We remind you that they come from the Mining Wallet, which gets them directly from the blockchain.

Mining City Mining Balance Wallet

What is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)? Overview of BTCV cryptocurrency

Withdraw Bitcoin from Mining City to an external wallet


This article Mining City Team will guide you on how to Withdraw Bitcoin from Mining City to an external wallet. Proceed as follows:

How do I withdraw bitcoin from Mining City?

You will find the option to withdraw your bitcoin or other coins and send them to an external wallet at the “My Wallet” dashboard.

In order to withdraw bitcoin or other coins from Mining City to an external wallet, you need to set up the wallet address outside the default in the “Settings” section. If installed, you need to follow these steps to initiate your withdrawal.

How to make a withdrawal, step-by-step instructions:

  1. The user enters the amount that they want to withdraw.
  2. The user agrees to continue by clicking the checkbox.
  3. The user receives a confirmation email with a confirmation link.
  4. The user confirms withdrawal by clicking the link.
  5. The user is waiting for confirmation from Mining City.
    Remember: Until the withdrawal is confirmed by both sides (user and Mining City), it will be in the Pending Withdrawals section.

What is the Mining City Wallet Split functionality?

The Wallet Split functionality is found in the My Wallet section. It divides the user’s wallet into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Vault. These currencies (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Vault) are further divided into General Balance and Mining Balance.

The main purpose of the Wallet Split functionality is to provide users with proof that the rewards they have received are authentically from blockchains. The implementation of the two-balance system (General Balance and Mining Balance) for each cryptocurrency for each user allows for tracking the path of mined funds.

All mining income (directly from the blockchain) is reflected in the Mining Balance. The rest of the funds are allocated in the General Balance.

Features in “My Wallet”

My wallet screen includes the following features:

1.General Balance

In the General Balance section users can see the general amount, pending withdrawals,
and the history of all incoming and outgoing transactions. In BTC the user can see the equivalent in specific currencies, whilst in BTCV the conversion rate can only be seen in US Dollars.

General Balance reflects all the transactions that have been made other than mining incomes, namely, transactions deposited from outside of Mining City, transfers from or to other accounts, PIF (Pay It Forward) transactions, and payouts from Compensation Plans, commissions, promotions, and bonuses

2. Mining Balance

Mining Balance – reflects the information about the funds generated in the Mining Process. Mining income is added to the Mining Balance.

Possible transactions from the Mining Balance:

  • withdrawal to an external wallet,
  • transfer funds to General Balance.

Separate transaction histories displayed:

  • Mining Balance History:
    • Incoming transactions: income from mining.
    • Outgoing transactions: withdraw to an external wallet, transfers to General Balance.
  • General Balance History:
    • Incoming transactions: transfers from Mining Balance, transfers from another user, new deposits, payouts from Compensation Plans, bonuses, promotions, commissions.
    • Outgoing transactions: transfers to another user, PIF, personal purchases on the Platform, withdrawals to an external wallet.

3. Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward – user enters the name of another user to whom they want to send the plan. Next, the user picks a plan to be sent to a receiver. Such transactions can only be performed from General Balance.

4. Deposit

My Wallet subpage allows the user to initiate a deposit transaction to their Mining City wallet from their external Bitcoin wallet, which also supplies information related to how the transaction occurs externally, that the address provided is a single-use address only, and that it needs to be confirmed X times on the blockchain.

5. Transfer Funds

Enables the user to transfer funds to another user.

6. Internal Transfer

Enables the transfer of cryptocurrencies from the Mining Balance to the General Balance
within the same account.

The user receives information that it is a transfer to the General Balance and that it is free. They now need to enter the amount they want to transfer. After clicking on transfer the user needs to confirm the transfer by clicking confirm in the popup below.

In the next step the user will receive an email confirmation.

To confirm this transaction the user should click on the confirmation link received in the email. Once confirmed, the internal transaction will be completed.

7. Overview

– includes a summary of mining income from the past 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and all-time rewards from all sources.

Above are information regarding the withdrawal of bitcoin from the mining city wallet and how to use the features of the My wallet” section on the Mining City dashboard. We hope this article helps you.

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How to buy a Mining City plan


Buy Plans – what’s new?

From now on, users can choose the cryptocurrency they want to mine when they buy mining plans.

How to buy a plan on Mining City Dashboard?

  1. Go to the “Buy plans” tab.
  2. Click the “Buy now with” button.

3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to mine.

When a user buys a BTCV plan, the BTCV coin is selected by default. They can manually select a BTCV plan to mine BTC coins.

4. Click the “Confirm selection” button.

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions which appear in the pop-up, check all the boxes, and click “Ok”. By doing this, you accept the terms of service you’ve just read.
mining allocation
  1. Once the Terms and Conditions are accepted, a pop-up will appear. It includes information about the selected mining plan, the cryptocurrency that will be mined, and the owner of the plan. If the details are correct, click the “Ok” button to buy the plan.
mining city allocation

Please note:
For now, there are two cryptocurrencies available: BTCV and BTC. The two new cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi – are not yet available.
You will be able to change your mining allocation two days after the purchase if your other plans are not in the conversion or post-conversion period.

My Plans – what’s new?

For both Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin sections, there is a new dashboard that presents information about hash power for BTCV and BTC plans.

new my plan dashboard mining city

My Plans – New Dashboard Overview
The new dashboard consists of:

  1. Bitcoin Vault and Bitcoin sections
    Users can switch between BTCV and BTC sections by clicking the respective tabs. After clicking the tab, the Mining Allocation dashboard appears.
  2. Total Hash Power Counter
    The Total Hashrate is a sum of all BTCV or BTC plans depending on the user’s purchase. When a user is in the BTCV tab, they will see the total hashrate of BTCV plans. When a user is in the BTC tab, they will see the total hashrate of BTC plans.
  1. Available cryptocurrencies
    Below the Total Hashpower, there are four different cryptocurrencies listed – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Under each logotype, there is a circle with an amount of TH/s that mines a specific coin.
    Please note: for now, users can allocate their total hash power to mine only one cryptocurrency, either Bitcoin Vault or Bitcoin. Two other cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision – are not yet available.
  2. Selection radio button
    The selection radio button enables users to choose a cryptocurrency that they want to allocate TH/s to. For instance, if users want to allocate all TH/s bought in BTCV plans to mine BTC, they need to click the radio button under the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

What is Mining Allocation?


Mining Allocation, the full hash power conversion feature

What is Mining Allocation?

It’s a new feature that will allow you to allocate the hash power of your Mining Plans to different cryptocurrencies. It brings changes to the Buy Plans and the My Plans sections, as well as the Pay It Forward tab in My Wallet.

The main purpose of the Mining Allocation feature is to be compliant with legal regulations and at the same time provide you with a more flexible and customizable product.

Allocation of TH/s

If users want to allocate TH/s to a specific cryptocurrency, they need to:

  1. Select a radio button to choose a cryptocurrency that they want to allocate TH/s to.
  2. Click the “Confirm changes” button to confirm the requested change.
    For instance, if users want to allocate all TH/s bought in BTCV plans to mine BTC, they need to click the radio button under the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The “Confirm changes” button then becomes active and users can click it to confirm the requested change.
mining city allocation TH
  1. Read the Terms & Conditions that appear in the pop-up, check the box to accept them, and then click “Confirm changes”.
  1. Once the Terms & Conditions are accepted, a blue bar informing users that the conversion might take
    up to 48 hours will appear on the screen. If users don’t want to proceed with the changes, they can
    click on the “Cancel” button and stop the process of initiating allocation at that time.
how to mining allocation TH

Please note: A user can change the mining allocation two days after the conversion period. There is a blue bar (counter) visible on the dashboard informing the user about the amount of time in which they will be able to make changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mining Allocation

  1. Can I allocate my TH/s at any time I want?
    You can allocate your mining hash power every two days after the end of the conversion process.
    There is always a status bar informing you if you can make the allocation.
  2. Can I allocate my TH/s to mine Bitcoin Cash?
    Currently, this cryptocurrency is not available, but once it is, we will inform you about it.
  3. Can I allocate my TH/s to mine Bitcoin Satoshi Vision?
    Currently, this cryptocurrency is not available, but once it is, we will inform you about it.
  4. How can I change the allocation of TH/s that I have just bought?
    When you buy a new mining plan, you can select the cryptocurrency you want to mine. It means that even if you buy a BTCV Standard plan, this plan can mine BTC. It works the same way for BTC plans, so if you buy a BTC Gold plan, you can still select BTCV to be mined during the purchase process. Later on, you will also be able to allocate the hashrate of your newly purchased Mining Plan as part of the standard Mining Allocation process.
  5. Can I mine a coin which is not on the mining plan I bought?
    Yes, you can. You can allocate all your hash power from BTCV plans to mine BTC, and you can do the same for BTC plans so that they mine BTCV.
  6. Can I select a coin that should be mined when I execute a PIF?
    Yes, you can. There is one additional field added in the “Pay It Forward” tab. After you select the user for whom you want to buy a plan and the plan itself, you need to select which cryptocurrency this plan should mine.
  7. Can I change the mining allocation of a plan that another user bought as PIF for me?
    Yes, you can. You can change it two days after the purchase if your other plans are not in the postconversion period.
  8. Is it possible to mine different currencies with BTC plans?
    For the time being, it might happen that a user converted all BTC plans to mine BTCV, and after this conversion bought a BTC plan that mines BTC. In such a situation, the user will see the hashrate split between these two coins. If the user decides to change the Mining Allocation of BTC plans, then it’s only possible to mine either BTC or BTCV with full hash power depending on which currency the user selects.
  1. Is it possible to mine different currencies with BTCV plans?
    For the time being, it might happen that a user converted all BTCV plans to mine BTC, and after this conversion bought a BTCV plan that mines BTCV. In such a situation, the user will see the hashrate split between these two coins. If the user decides to change the Mining Allocation of BTC plans, then it’s only possible to mine either BTC or BTCV with full hash power depending on which currency the
    user selects

The introduction to Mining City


About Mining City

Mining City is a global company which offers hash power to mine cryptocurrencies. Many customers have already trusted Mining City to unite their strength and increase the chance to strike digital gold!

what is mining city

Mining City CEO

Greg Rogowski founded Mining City in 2019 and has grown it into one of the most successful and dynamic companies in the sector. He had previously been involved in the marketing and media sectors of major European media brands, covering TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. He found a good pivot in crypto mining, and has traveled much of the world preaching the merits of cryptocurrencies.

Transparency of Mining City

Our company offers mining activities in strategic partnerships with third parties. The revenue is split accordingly:

Mining City

  • 35% commissions
  • 2% salaries

MineBest hosting

  • 6% mining farms
  • 24% miners purchase and maintenance
  • 3% shipping and taxes
  • 20% pre-mining
  • 10% company profit

The best solutions for our community

Mining City always looks for the best solutions for its customers. Our strategic partner MineBest is constantly increasing the number and specifics of mining machines dedicated to our community, all to increase the chances of getting the maximum amount of mining rewards. As for now, Mining City is receiving hash power from more than 118,000 world-renowned miners, including:
• WhatsMiner M21S
• Avalon 1066pro
• Antiminer T17+
• Innosilicon T3+
• and more!
And the number is constantly growing!


MineBest, the technology provider of Mining City, cooperates with the best suppliers in the market, including MicroBT (Whatsminer M21S), Innosilicon (T3+57T) and Canaan Creative.

Mining City Milestones

Mining City Events 2019 – 2021

Together we grow is not just a slogan, it is the essence of who we are. We consider our community a family, therefore global events are very important to us. During our conventions we learn, we laugh and we inspire each other.

Mining City & MineBest – Strategic Partnership

MineBest builds data center facilities tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment for Mining City

Mining City offers hash power and offers mining plans to its clients, enabling them to mine crypto-currencies in a secure way.

About MineBest – the technology provider of Mining City

MineBest is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptographic computing activities.

It is one of the most dynamically growing companies in the cryptocurrency mining
industry. It’s core business entails building data center facilities which are tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment.

MineBest is located in Warsaw, Poland and provides the world with the most advanced mining solutions in the market. The company is constantly growing – this video presents new office space after the recent expansion. MineBest also has representatives across the globe in the USA, China, Israel, and Kazakhstan.

CEO of MineBest – the technology provider of Mining City

Eyal Avramovich has been in the cryptocurrency business since 2015

As an innovator and inventor he has patented things ranging from bathroom scales to cars. Eyal quickly understood that there is a fertile field in cryptocurrency mining that could be tapped. He has grown MineBest into one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto mining space

50 MW Kazakhstan – Mining Facility Tour

Prizes and Awards of MineBest – the technology provider of Mining City

MineBest is a proud winner of the award for Best Reputation of Mining Farm at the International Digital Mining Summit 2019 in Shenzhen, China.

MineBest won an award for Top Ten Mining Farms, for professional design and excellent construction at the World Digital Mining Summit 2019.

MineBest has been present at over 20 events on five continents around
the globe as an official sponsor, presenter, and participant alike.

MineBest Events

Other partners of Mining City

Mining City works closely with a number of international brands. These include mining pool BTC.com and leading industry portal Blockchain.com.

Mining City Official social media accounts

BTCV Withdrawal from Mining City to Coineal


Hi, once again I’m Alan from Mining City Team. This article will guide you on how to withdraw BTCV Mining City to Coineal Exchange. If you’ve never done this before, check out this article carefully!

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Step 1: View BTCV wallet address on Coineal

After creating and verifying an account on Coineal, Coineal will provide you with a BTCV wallet address on their exchange. If you do not know how to get the BTCV wallet address on Coineal, you can follow the instructions below.

get btcv wallet on coineal

Access your account, go to “Assets” and scroll down below to find BTCV. Continue to click on “Deposit” to display the wallet address as shown above. You need to copy this wallet address to attach it to your Mining City account.

Step 2: Sticking the BTCV wallet address at Coineal to your Mining City account

Sticking is also extremely simple, access your Mining City account at me.miningcity.com to go to Dashboard. Next, scroll down to “Settings” to set up the default BTCV wallet address.

withdraw btcv to coineal

After you have copied the BTCV address to the “Bitcoin Vault Wallet“, click “Save” to save. Next, the system will send an email asking to confirm the change of wallet address. Now you need to go to the email registered to confirm your withdrawal order.

How to create a BTCV withdrawal order from Miningcity to Coineal Exchange

To create a BTCV withdrawal order from Mining City to Coineal exchange, you access the “My Bitcoin Vault Wallet” section of the Dashboard screen. Then enter the number of BTCV you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw“.

withdraw btcv miningcity

For security reasons, Mining City will send a BTCV withdrawal notice to your email. All you need to do now is open your mailbox and click on the confirmation link for the withdrawal to be processed.

withdraw btcv mining city

Whether the order is processed quickly or not depends on the working time of the working hours of Mining City. But not more than 24 hours for any 1 withdrawal order and this is a commitment from Mining City.

The above is a guide to withdraw Bitcoin Vault from Mining City wallet to Coineal, hope you can successfully execute your withdrawal. Alan and Mining City Team wish you more good income from our great company.

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Register and verify on Coineal Account


Coineal – A Global Reliable Crypto Trading Platform is one of the reputable virtual currency exchanges used to buy and sell Bitcoin Vault. This article Alan will guide you on how to register on Coineal account and activate your account fastest.

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Introducing the Coineal exchange

register coineal account

Coineal is a cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in April 2018 with the combination of a crypto investor from Korea and China. Initially aimed at serving 2 countries with this rate of cryptocurrency trading, Coineal expanded its market to countries such as Japan, Russia, Singapore and the US.

Register on Coineal

Signing up for an account on Coineal is also quite simple, visit the Coineal homepage or click here to enter the registration button.

đắng ký tài khoản coineal 2

Next type the necessary information according to the instructions. After entering your email address, click on the button “Send code” to receive the activation code sent to your email.

register coineal exchange

Enter a strong password and re-type it in the box below. Check your email inbox for the verification mail, open it and copy the verification code. Paste the code in the box. Click
on “I agree” and complete process by clicking on “Register”.

Account verification on Coineal

To make transactions, you need to verify your account. Once logged in, go to the top bar of the page, to your login area, to open a hidden menu. Click on “Account”

verify coineal account

1. Turn on Google Authenticator security

To secure your account, Coineal requires that you enable Google Authenticator, click on the “Enable Google Authenticator” button to initiate activation.

bật google 2fa coineal

A tutorial screen will appear to help you easily go through the installation and verification step of Google 2FA. If you already have the Google Authenticator app installed, simply scan the QR code and enter the code below to complete the activation.verify account on coineal

2. Binding your phone

To bind your phone, type in your mobile phone number, then, in the box below, type in the code sent via your phone.

how to verify coineal account

Your job is to enter the correct phone number and press “Send Code” to receive the activation code sent. Then enter the code in the message and Google 2FA security to complete the verification

So Mining City Team instructed you how to register for a Coineal account and verify the account. Hope you can easily do the job of registering your Coineal account successfully.

Next you can refer to the article on how to withdraw BTCV from Mining City to Coineal to convert to other cryptocurrencies. See details here: