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BTCV Withdrawal from Mining City to Coineal


Hi, once again I’m Alan from Mining City Team. This article will guide you on how to withdraw BTCV Mining City to Coineal Exchange. If you’ve never done this before, check out this article carefully!

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Step 1: View BTCV wallet address on Coineal

After creating and verifying an account on Coineal, Coineal will provide you with a BTCV wallet address on their exchange. If you do not know how to get the BTCV wallet address on Coineal, you can follow the instructions below.

get btcv wallet on coineal

Access your account, go to “Assets” and scroll down below to find BTCV. Continue to click on “Deposit” to display the wallet address as shown above. You need to copy this wallet address to attach it to your Mining City account.

Step 2: Sticking the BTCV wallet address at Coineal to your Mining City account

Sticking is also extremely simple, access your Mining City account at me.miningcity.com to go to Dashboard. Next, scroll down to “Settings” to set up the default BTCV wallet address.

withdraw btcv to coineal

After you have copied the BTCV address to the “Bitcoin Vault Wallet“, click “Save” to save. Next, the system will send an email asking to confirm the change of wallet address. Now you need to go to the email registered to confirm your withdrawal order.

How to create a BTCV withdrawal order from Miningcity to Coineal Exchange

To create a BTCV withdrawal order from Mining City to Coineal exchange, you access the “My Bitcoin Vault Wallet” section of the Dashboard screen. Then enter the number of BTCV you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw“.

withdraw btcv miningcity

For security reasons, Mining City will send a BTCV withdrawal notice to your email. All you need to do now is open your mailbox and click on the confirmation link for the withdrawal to be processed.

withdraw btcv mining city

Whether the order is processed quickly or not depends on the working time of the working hours of Mining City. But not more than 24 hours for any 1 withdrawal order and this is a commitment from Mining City.

The above is a guide to withdraw Bitcoin Vault from Mining City wallet to Coineal, hope you can successfully execute your withdrawal. Alan and Mining City Team wish you more good income from our great company.

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